Mobile Phone and Tablet Device settings

This tool is primarily designed to support the iCalculator community when they experience difficulties with the layout or using certain tools provided by iCalculator.

iCalculator is dedicated to providing a seamless user experience, whatever device or browser you access our tools through. With the myriad of differing operating systems, browsers, screen sizes and associated programming technologies this can be a challenge at times. iCalculator make regular updates and checks on devices but, if you do experience difficulties, this tool will help us to collect the information we need to resolve the challenges you are facing.

User Agent Details - Mobile Detection
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How to check your mobile settings and submit to iCalculator

If you are experiencing issues with the layout / tools on iCalculator and we asked to visit this page by one of our administrators, please complete the following steps.

  1. Click on 'Email these settings' above. A form will appear
  2. Enter your name, email and a message explaining the problem you have with the iCalculator website. (if you have already told us, just enter 'problem already explained' or something similar.
  3. Send the email
  4. We will investigate and be in touch.

Mobile detection for PHP, JavaScript etc

If you are a developer looking to identify a specific mobile type, you can use the information here to help identify specific mobile data.