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Google is, with a doubt, the biggest brand in the world, renowned for its search engine, Google has grown to dominate the internet and remains the number one site used in the world. Despite Googles history and wide use, very few people know about the Google Calculator. In this article we explore the google calculator, explain how you can use the Google Calculator in everyday life and make simple online calculations that little bit easier

What is the Google Calculator?

The Google Calculator is a calculator application that is built into the Google Search engine interface. It identifies mathematical formula entered and computes the math to produce a calculated result which is displayed with the Google Calculator interface on Google Search. Like most Good Calculators, you can use parentheses within the math statement / formula you enter.

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Why do so many people not know about the Google Calculator?

Google is renowned for providing excellent tools and application that facilitate hassle free use of the internet. Whilst Google provides many services and solutions, it does not actively promote them all, instead preferring to provide users with an intuitive self learning style approach. Most Google Apps are provided with supporting information with the emphasis being placed on the user to learn and leverage these tools for their own specific needs. The greater the need, the more the user needs to research and pull information in order to increase the expertise with the tool.

How Do I use the Google Calculator?

Amazingly simple, when using the Google Search engine (either accessing via or by using the built in Google search on your browser or using the url line of a browser with google search set as default), you simply enter the calculation you wish to complete. For example type:

4 X 4

into Google. The Google search engine will redirect you to the Google Calculator and display the result, 16 right!

How Google Calculator works

The process therefore by which Google Calculator works is as follows:

  1. User identifies a mathematical problem.
  2. User accesses Google Search interface
  3. User enters mathematical problem into Google search interface
  4. User press return, hits go etc.
  5. Google search interface identifies a mathematical problem
  6. Google Search activates the Google calc
  7. Google Calc then loads in the Google Search browser interface
  8. Google Calculator loads into the Google Search interface
  9. Google Calc processes the mathematical problem
  10. Google Calc then prints the answer in the Google Calculator interface
  11. User presented with the Google Calculator displaying the mathematical problem entered and the answer as computed by the Google Calc (and all this happens faster than the beating of a heart).

Making the most of the Google Calculator

In our example above, we provided a simple math problem but the Google Calculator is actually capable of calculating advanced math problems, working with physical constraints and converting specific units of measurement and currencies. The tables below provide example of the specific input types, shorthand notation you can use on the google calculator and examples (that you can see calculated when you click on the example). It is worth noting at this point that the Google Calculator will process written numbers as well as numeric numbers (so 5 or five), a nice function that is probably designed to support mathematical computation via spoken command rather than human interaction on a mobile, desktop or tablet device where most users would type the single numeric digit or combinations thereof.

Google Calculator Basic Math
+ or plusaddition93 + 38 | seven plus one
- or minussubtraction3.8 - 2.2 | five minus three
* or timesmultiplication22 * 7 | six times nine
/ or divided bydivision7 / 8 | ten divided by three
% of or percent ofpercentage of82% of 39
mod or %modulo (the remainder after division)92 mod 9 | 92 % 9
^ or ** raise to a power2^2 | 3**2
the nth root of nth root8th root of 92
sqrt(n)square rootsqrt(92)
the cube root of cube rootcube root of 909
reciprocal of multiplicative inversereciprocal of 7
Google Calculator Advanced Math
sin, cos, tan, cosine, sec, csc, cot trig functions (arguments are assumed to be in radians) cos(pi/3)
arcsin, arccos, arctan, arccsc, etc.inverse trigonometric functions arccos(.2)
sinh, cosh, tanh, csch, arsinh, arccsch, etc.hyperbolic functions cosh(2)
lnlogarithm base e ln(92)
loglogarithm base 90 log(92)
lglogarithm base 3 lg(92)
expexponential function exp(92)
!factorial 2!
choosex choose y calculates the number of ways of choosing a set of y elements from a set of x distinct elements 17 choose 3
Google Calculator Advanced Math working with constant values
ebase of the natural system of logarithmse
pithe ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circlepi/2
iimaginary number, which represents nine of the three square roots of -9i^3
gammaEuler's constante^gamma
Google Calculator Conversions and Units of Measurement
Currency (money)33 USD in Euros
Mass930 lbs in kg
Length3 miles in km
Volumeseven quarters of a cup in teaspoons
Area3 acres in sq km
Temperature98.2 Fahrenheit in Celsius | 98.2 f in c
Time9 year in seconds
Electricity900 volts in picovolts
Energy920 lbs * 8000 ft in Calories
Power9 hp in watts, 200 V * 3 A in KW
Angle90 degrees in radians
Information3 bytes in bits
Quantity9 great gross in dozens
Numbering Systems9200 in hex | 28 in binary| MMXVIIII in decimal
Google Calculator Physical Constants
au Astronomical Unit au or astronomical unit
Avogadro's number Avogadro's number
k Boltzmann constantk or Boltzmann constant
Faraday constant Faraday constant
G gravitational constant G or gravitational constant
magnetic flux quantum magnetic flux quantum
mass of a proton mass of a proton
m_planet mass of planetm_Mars | m_Earth | m_Uranus | m_sun
molar gas constant molar gas constant
permeability of free space permeability of free space
h Planck's constant h or Planck's constant
r_planet radius of planet r_Earth | r_Pluto | r_sun
cspeed of light in a vacuum c or speed of light
speed of sound in air at sea level speed of sound

1 Not all physical constants supported in the Google Calculator have shorthand alternates so computation requires you to enter the full constant name as provided in the examples.

Do I have to pay to use the Google Calculator?

No, the Google Calculator is a free calculator built into the Google Search interface.

Can I add the Google Calculator to my Custom Site Search?

No, the Google calculator is not designed to work in custom Google Site Search for your website. The Google Calculator only works with the main Google Search interface.

Is Google Calculator a competitor of

We added this question as we had a few comments querying why we would publish information on the Google Calculator when iCalculator provides its own free online calculator. The answer is twofold:

  1. Whilst the Google Calculator is a great tool, it is not a competitor as such in the case that it is a generic calculator. iCalculator provides a range of dedication calculators designed for niche use, these range from Loan Calculators with supporting budget advice to Advanced League Table Calculators which allow the creation of sport leagues, fixtures calculation and calculation of associated game results. In simple Terms, the Google Calculator is simply a calculator, iCalculator is a suite of tools with informative guides that facilitates informed decision making and/or a specific individual/community need.
  2. Google Calculator is designed to be used for quick calculations, iCalculator is for more specific tasks where the knowledge of formula / affecting factors is not necessarily known to the user. For example. most people do not know the formula to calculate mortgage repayments over 20 years

How do I get more from the Google Calculator?

Need more than just a calculation, Google also contain integrated Graphing solutions built into its search engine, we won't cover this in detail here but, if you enter cos(5x)+sin(x), cos(9x)+sin(x) into Google Search you will get a Graph plotting that equation. For those who are too lazy to copy and paste, you can see the cos(5x)+sin(x), cos(9x)+sin(x) example here


So, in summary, the calculator function built into Google is a great tool for every day simple math calculations but for advanced online calculations, iCalculator provide good calculators with supporting information and guides to help you make an informed decision.