Fancy yourself as the new James Bond? Think you can build your own Enigma Machine? Well, whatever your desire the Encoder/Decoder can help you to build encoded messages which you can share for other to decode later.

This calculator enables you to code messages by substituting values against letters, numbers and punctuation. The default values are A=1, B=2, C=3 etc. This can also be used to decode messages, any codes not recognised are displayed in the "unrecognised" section

There are two random code buttons, one to assign numbers against the characters and one to assign characters.

Note - The space and comma characters are not coded, the space is not changed

and Commas are used to separate the characters (this is necessary, for numbers in particular)

If all codes are numeric, the total of the values will be displayed (for information only, can be used as a checksum)

The Encoder is set at default with a simple numerical algorithm of a=1, b=2 and so on. Try entering Knowledge, Handwork and Attitude, interesting results when viewed as a percentage of effort.

Code Setup

You can assign numbers and characters against the alphabet, numbers and other characters

Encoder / Decoder Options
Save your Encoded key for to encode / decode messages later
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