Character Counter

The Character Counter provides an calculated count of the number of letters in a sentence

This letter counter will provide a detailed count of characters, words and keyword frequency. Keyword frequency is nice to know if you are serious about getting good high results on modern search engines.

Write or copy and paste into the box below.

Number of charectors: Letters
Number of words Letters
Unique words (Keyword Density Count)
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How to use the letter counter / character counter

The letter counter is designed to be intuitive but, just in case....

  1. Start typing in the box. The letter count (or character count if you prefer) will automatically update as you type
  2. Copy some text from another source, a Microsoft word document for example or a tweet from twitter. Paste the text into the box. The letter counter will automatically return the numbers of letters / characters counted in the sentence, paragraph or text.
  3. Enter the minimum word length for word repetition counting. this is very useful for search engine optimization when considering keyword density.

What can I use the letter counter / character counter

There are many practical applications for the character counter:

Website Meta titles50Longer meta titles are accepted but only the first 50 characters of a meta title are typically displayed in search results. Whilst some search engines will tailor the title to reflect user search inputs and or specific text on your web pages, 50 characters is a safe bet and means your message tells your potential site visitors exactly what to expect.
Website Meta descriptions150You will not be penalized for having meta descriptions beyond 150 characters but if they go beyond 250 Google will start throwing long meta description warnings at you in Google Webmaster tools. 150 letters is more than enough, when coupled with your meta title, to provide a clear explanation of what your webpage is about. 150 letters is actually typical of most sentences and will fit nicely onto most search engine results like Google and Yahoo.
Twitter140Many years go we would have screamed at being limited to messages of just 140 characters but Twitter has helped to change that. Informative, succinct cleverly written tweets are thought formed and written thousands of times per second. The 140 letter limit has become a challenge that we rise to as we squeeze and snip golden moments and advice into one short sentence.
Facebook5,000Most people don't realise that Facebook imposes character limits on it's website as the character limits are so long. Facebook's character limits and more aligned to server space that limiting the volume of content on it's website. Most areas of Facebook are limited to 5,000 characters though this rises to almost 65,00 in status updates and other key textual areas.
Facebook Advert Title25Facebook limit their advert titles to 25 characters to ensure it fits within their predefined text ad format
Facebook Advert Description90Facebook are a little mean with their description letter count limit. 90 letters is not a great amount of space to get you message across. If you look at Facebook Ads you will notice that they don't always read well, now you know why.
SMS160Did you know that text messages were originally limited to 128 characters? Father of the SMS, Friedhelm Hillebrand, conceived the SMS text message which made use of a spare frequency which sat unused within the then new mobile networks. Concerned that 128 characters would not be enough for communication, he managed, along with his team of super nerds, to squeeze out the text message to a whopping 160 characters. It is important to remember how SMS messages changed our lives, this is where the first forums, and person to person instant chat started.